Shared Component Version Release Date Description Source Repository Issue Tracking
file-management 1.2.1 2009-01-10 API to collect files from a given directory using several include/exclude rules. SVN JIRA
maven-archiver 2.6 2014-10-26 Is mainly used by plugins to handle packaging. SVN JIRA
maven-artifact-resolver 1.0 2009-09-22 Resolve dependency artifacts for one or more projects. SVN JIRA
maven-common-artifact-filters 1.4 2011-12-02 Used to filter lists of Artifact instances. SVN JIRA
maven-dependency-analyzer 1.6 2015-01-18 Maven Dependency Analyzer component. SVN JIRA
maven-dependency-tree 2.2 2014-09-14 Maven Dependency Tree constructs a tree model of a Maven project's dependencies. SVN JIRA
maven-doxia-tools moved to doxia-integration-tools
maven-filtering 1.3 2014-10-19 Components for filtering resources. SVN JIRA
maven-invoker 2.2 2015-03-24 Fires up a Maven build in a new JVM. SVN JIRA
maven-jarsigner 1.4 2015-01-18 This component provides some utilities to sign/verify jars/files in your Mojos. SVN JIRA
maven-mapping 1.0 2013-08-14 A shared component for all plugins that need to do mapping. SVN JIRA
maven-reporting-api 3.0 2010-05-12 API to manage report generation. SVN JIRA
maven-reporting-exec 1.2 2014-06-28 API to manage report plugins preparation with Maven 3. SVN JIRA
maven-reporting-impl 2.3 2014-09-14 Abstract classes to manage report generation. SVN JIRA
maven-repository-builder 1.0 2014-11-11 SVN JIRA
maven-runtime 1.0-alpha-3 2012-05-22 Maven Runtime allows introspection of Maven project metadata at runtime. SVN JIRA
maven-script-interpreter 1.1 2012-08-13 Utilities to interpret/execute some scripts for various implementations: groovy or beanshell. SVN JIRA
maven-shared-incremental 1.1 2013-04-08 Various utility classes and plexus components for supporting incremental build functionality in maven plugins. SVN JIRA
maven-shared-jar 1.1 2010-05-12 Utilities that help identify the contents of a JAR, including Java class analysis and Maven metadata analysis. SVN JIRA
maven-shared-resources 2 2015-02-05 This is a collection of templates that are specific to the Maven project. SVN JIRA
maven-shared-utils 0.7 2014-10-17 Utilities functions for use within maven. SVN JIRA
maven-verifier 1.5 2013-12-06 Used to run Maven builds as part of tests. SVN JIRA
maven-scm 1.9.4 2015-04-01 Generic API to SCM systems. GIT JIRA

Archived version of shared libraries reference documentations are located here.


Shared Component Version Retired Date Description
maven-model-converter 2.3 2013-07-26 Converts between version 3.0.0 and version 4.0.0 models.

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