Maven, like any other opensource project, relies heavily on the efforts of the entire user community to be ever vigilent for improvements, logging of defects, communicating use-cases, generating documentation, and being wary of other users in need. This is a quick guide outlining what members of the Maven community may do to make the system work better for everyone.

Helping With Maven

There is already a comprehensive Guide to Helping With Maven. That guide focuses upon beginning as a supporter, with information on how to help the coding effort.

Commit Questions or Answers to the Maven User FAQ

Documentation is currently a very high priority for the Maven community. Please help out where ever you can, specifically in the work-in-progress FAQ Wiki.

Help Log Defects in JIRA

Just as any other healthy project requires a quick turn-around on defects, and a transparent method of users to have their wishes heard, so too does Maven need your help. Refer to the Issue Tracking page.


For Maven developers, committers, PMC: there is a Developers Guide.

Being a Good Maven Citizen

The concept of a public repository built into the core architecture of Maven makes it necessarily community-centric. There are a few simple things that Maven users may do to help keep that community thriving.

Be a Kind Public Repository User

The best thing that a user can do is to set up their own remote repository mirror containing the projects needed: this is called a repository manager. This reduces strain on the Maven central repository, and allows new users to get acquainted with Maven easier and quicker. This is especially important for power-users and corporations. The incentive behind this is, controlling your own servers can give you desired level of security and more control over uptime, resulting in a better experience for your users. With that said, keep the following sentiment in mind:


Please take only the jars you need. We understand this is may entail more work, but grabbing all 9+ Gigs of binaries really kills our servers.

User Gathering Spots

These are a few of the watering holes around which Maven users tend to gather.

Mailing Lists

Maven has a number of Mailing Lists, and the Maven User List is specifically dedicated to answering questions about all Maven things.

IRC (Internet Relay Chat)

Log into the #maven IRC channel on with your favorite IRC client or with web IRC client.

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