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MultiEnv Maven Plugin

The MultEnv Maven Plugin is intended to create packages which are ready for different environments or package the appropriate configuration packages which can be used with the application for different environments.

Within the overview you will get a more detailed explanation how MultiEnv Maven Plugin works.

Goals Overview

The MultEnv Maven Plugin has two goals:


General instructions on how to use the Versions Plugin can be found on the usage page.

In case you still have questions regarding the plugin’s usage, just create an issue in the issue tracking system and mark it with question.

If you feel like the plugin is missing a feature or has a defect, you can fill a feature request or bug report in our issue tracker. When creating a new issue, please provide a comprehensive description of your concern. Especially for fixing bugs it is crucial that the developers can reproduce your problem. For this reason, entire debug logs, POMs or most preferably little demo projects attached to the issue are very much appreciated. Of course, patches are welcome, too.