Maven License Verifier Plugin

The basic idea of the Maven License Verifier Plugin (MLVP for short) is to check which licenses are used by your projects artifacts and give some hints about artifacts which don't define a license at all or artifacts which use a license which is not acceptable in your project or company.

This will sometimes be called License Compliance Management, but this plugin will support your work but of course doesn't take the job itself.

Goals Overview

There are currently two goals verify and report which can be used to check your project during build time or create a report about the used licenses.


If you like to use the MLVP plugin you have to define the plugin in your pom.xml either in the area of the build to do a verification during the build. On the other hand you can use the MLVP plugin in the reporting area of the to produce a report during site generation about the used licenses.

In both cases you have to define the location of a licenses.xml file which contains the definition of the different categories of licenses.


Real world examples can be found in the Example area.